Gloss Moderne

Gloss Moderne | High-Gloss Conditioner

$ 48.00

Gloss Moderne's Super-chic conditioner provides divine intervention. Give your coif a two minute vacay and return with hair that’s rested, relaxed and glowing. Prepare to have a love affair with your hair again… pure sensual insouciance.
  • A luxurious conditioner that nourishes hair with the highest quality ingredients
  • Conditions hair while preserving color and extending keratin and other treatments
  • Super-concentrated (a little goes a long way) and formulated without bulking agents or fillers
  • Gently conditions hair
  • Makes hair soft and shiny
  • Treats damaged hair
  • Perfect for all hair types
  • Designed for all ages and hair types and safe for daily use, this super-concentrated formula was created with hydrating coconut oil and high-performance ingredients that leave hair soft, shiny and healthy
  • Our signature fragrance was created by one of the most highly acclaimed global fragrance houses… a sensual, intoxicating fragrance reminiscent of the French Riviera