Behind the Seams: Meet our talented tailors!

Behind the Seams: Meet our talented tailors!

It’s been said that behind every well-dressed man is a brilliant tailor. We are certain that’s true and credit our in-house tailor shop for Garys’ impressive track record of customer loyalty over the decades. For unlike many menswear stores that outsource alterations and/or charge an exorbitant fee, Garys is proud to employ a team of full-time tailoring experts, and to include the cost of normal alterations in the price of the suit. 

Jose, Alex, Flo and Mario are specialists in menswear tailoring, honing their craft in Mexico where tailoring is still considered an art form that takes years of training to perfect. They’ve each been at Garys about 25 years, and yes, they happen to be two sets of brothers, adding much warmth and congeniality to the family environment of our store. For our head tailor Alex Perez, there is no “hardest
part of the job”; he loves it all perhaps because it comes so naturally to him. He says that the best part of his job is working with people he truly likes; his other interests revolve around working on his house.

Jose Lopez loves everything about the work he does and the people he works with. For Jose, the hardest part of the job is working on Sundays. On his days off, you’ll likely find him working in his garden.

Florentino Lopez agrees the best part of his job is his co-workers. The hardest part: “doing a total re-cut on a suit.” Asked about other interests, Flo is brutally honest, responding, “working around my house, watching some TV and drinking an occasional whiskey.…”

For Mario Perez, the most interesting part of the job is keeping up with changing men’s fashion trends and the new slimmer fits of modern suits. He says the best part of the job is “everything we do here at Garys!” His other passions revolve around “going out with my family.” 

When asked separately about the most rewarding part of the job, all four tailors give the same response: “When our customers like what they see after we do the
alterations,” “When my clients are happy with my work,” “When our customers appreciate our work,” and “When our clients are satisfied and look terrific.”
Clearly, pleasing every customer by crafting a perfect-fitting suit that elevates his look (and his outlook) is the ultimate goal for these talented artisans at Garys’ tailor shop. Let them show you just how great you’ll look and feel in a suit that truly fits. You will thank us!