How to: Style Your Classic Tux

The world of black tie is both a canvas and a challenge. It demands adherence to tradition while silently inviting personal expression. In this guide, we delve into the art of styling the classic tuxedo, breaking down the key decisions that transform a standard look into a statement of personal refinement.

Selecting Your Shirt: The Evolution of Elegance

The shirt, once hidden, is now a canvas for individuality. From traditional pique to minimalist hidden plackets, collars have evolved, and choices abound. Even knitwear makes a daring appearance for those who challenge norms.

To Stud or Not to Stud: Ornamenting Your Shirt

Studs, a nod to 19th-century formality, add opulence to your attire. Choosing silver or gold with stones becomes a personal touch, showcasing a conscious appreciation for crafted quality.

Neckwear: The Bow Tie Dilemma

Bow tie or tipped tie? The choice carries historical weight, with origins tracing back to Croatian military attire. The size matters, and an unfolded bow tie allows for a personalized touch—a reminder that imperfections can perfect the look.

Will You Cover Your Waist? The Cummerbund's Comeback

The cummerbund, tracing its roots to India, reclaims its place in black tie. A pleated belt adds elegance and comfort, with the flexibility to play with colors for those daring to deviate from tradition. A cummerbund is certainly a more formal approach to black tie. Some who consider themselves less traditional may choose not to wear one.

Picking Your Pocket Square: A Subtle Contrast

While white remains the classic choice, subtle twists like hand-stitched edges offer a personal touch, drawing attention to the chest area and adding a significant detail.

Get Inspired: Six Ensembles for Festive Events

Here are six curated looks catering to diverse tastes:

The Traditionalist: Epitome of black-tie with refined details and accessories.

The Superlative Style: Traditional with a bold twist in pleated shirt and unconventional footwear.

 The Comfortable Non-Conformist: A modern approach with a black knit shirt for colder occasions.

The Minimalist: A more modern, minimalist aesthetic while respecting black-tie traditions. 

The Festive Gent: Experimenting with fabrics like velvet for a more modern and festive look.


The Renegade: Embracing a tie over a bow tie, making a subtle yet rebellious statement. 

Mastering the art of black tie isn't just about following rules; it's about understanding them and then choosing when to bend or break them. It's a journey of self-expression within the confines of tradition—a true celebration of individual style.