The Munro Doctrine

The Munro Doctrine

     We know even the smallest of details is important to you. That is, after all, why you’re a Garys customer, right? For decades, our team of made-to-measure experts has been customizing the finest garments precisely to your specifications and personal taste. Now we’re happy to give you even more.
     At Garys, we’re excited to be one of the first stores in the U.S. to open a dedicated Atelier Munro shop. The young Amsterdam-based fashion house specializes in sleek tailoring for today’s discerning gentlemen, marrying superb quality, accessible prices and seemingly countless style choices. The result is a customized garment that is uniquely yours.
    Just 30 days after our tailors take your measurements, you’ll be fitted as the final step before taking home the pieces you designed. And it’s more than just formalwear and business suits; Atelier Munro also caters to guys who embrace the business-casual look, from neat jackets and polos to five-pocket pants
and footwear. With Garys and Atelier Munro, your sartorial options are almost endless.


     More than two dozen components go into the best custom shirts, and we’re not just talking about the garments you wear under a tuxedo or suit jacket. Atelier Munro custom crafts casual Friday go-to's such as polos and popovers precisely to your taste, and like its dress shirts, these pieces are made of fabrics sourced from Italy’s finest mills. Sure, the Dutch brand boasts a vibrant ready-to-wear collection, but fashion luxury means getting what you want and how you want it. Brushed cotton or linen? Classic or stretch? Oxford or twill? Paisley or striped? Atelier Munro does it all—and so much more.

     It’s a fact that today’s modern man cherishes a custom suit—the jacket and trousers. With that in mind, Atelier Munro gives the same special attention
devoted to suits to every pair of pants that it makes, from formalwear to dress chinos to denim. Yes, Atelier Munro will create jeans exactly to your liking.
No longer will it take countless washes and wears to “break in” your jeans
and five-pocket pants; tailors use your measurements so your bottoms fit and
feel like a glove from day one. And to make certain your jeans and chinos are uniquely you, experts will work with you to build the perfect pair—dark or light wash, moleskin or cord, stretch or rigid, selvage or raw. Sure, many brands offŽer superb offŽ-the-rack pieces, but nothing is more personal than custom pants by Atelier Munro.

     Marathon runners and basketball players aren’t the only ones who wear sneakers on the job. As more offices embrace a business-casual environment, guys are passing on brogues and cap toes in favor of softer, cozier kicks. This, of course, doesn’t mean gentlemen should rely on sporting goods or warehouse stores to find their footwear. A true head-to-toe and made-to-measure company, Atelier Munro will help you create the perfect pair of luxury sneakers, whether you use them for work or weekends. Instead of excessive branding and bold logos, these sneakers are marked by the finest calfskin and suede, with options that look great when paired with a suit or joggers. Low-top or mid, double monk strap or Velcro—or even a Chelsea boot sneaker—Atelier Munro is a step in the right sartorial direction.

     Jacket? Check. Shirt? Check. Denim? Check. Sneakers? Check. The final pieces of the business-casual puzzle are the accessories. Pair jeans with a self-designed leather or suede belt: You pick the color, buckle and more. And don’t forget to finish a smart sportcoat-and-jeans look with a pocket square in your choice of fabric, pattern and monogram, of course.